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Growers slam ‘stitch-up deal’

The Ricegrowers Association has taken aim at what it calls a “stitch-up deal” between the Albanese Government and the Greens on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan amendments.

The deal struck would reinstate water buybacks, which many believe will further harm basin communities.

RGA president Peter Herrmann said it was a “cheap political stunt, pre-empting the parliamentary process”.

“It’s not over yet. All federal senators still have the right to consider the Basin Plan bill on its merits, and make their own decisions about whether or not it stacks up,” he said.

“To be clear, this bill will ravage basin communities if it’s allowed to pass in its current form.

“Plibersek’s inability to consider practical alternatives is negligent and shows a lack of empathy for regional Australia.

“Our plea to all senators hasn’t changed. Vote in favour of common sense and demand a bill that protects the balance between longterm community and environmental sustainability. Vote to keep our communities thriving.”





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