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Shareholder ‘incensed’ by MIL decision

Dear Editor,

I was incensed by a communique on Friday from Murray Irrigation Limited stating that they have banned Southern Riverina Irrigators from addressing the MIL AGM, and withdrawing all support for SRI and the local Landholder Associations.

How hypocritical to claim to have the support of many local shareholders and then withdraw support of their representative groups because they don’t like what they are saying.

Would shareholders have voted out two sitting board members including the chairman if they were happy with what’s going on?

I believe they are corrupting the integrity of the AGM by taking this course of action. That is censorship.

The claim that MIL was represented at the rally is pretty weak. I would have thought it appropriate to have closed the office and have the entire staff there front and centre in uniform to show their support.

Their claim of SRI being critical of staff is also false. They have been critical of the current management and lack of consultation.

If you are a shareholder, please make an effort to attend the AGM. We need to take back control of our company.

If you support what is happening I would love to see you there, because I have not spoken to anyone who does.

Finally, if they did not like the content of the advertorials in the local paper, there was a phone number and email address supplied by the author. Yours etc. Laurie Beer Mayrung





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